Sunday, November 23, 2008

Current Events - Another Crisis in America

Pentagon hit by electronic terrorist attack, yet another national crisis, the Bible has answers.


debbie said...

Pastor Jack, I wanted to let you know how glad I am that the Lord has called you to be my pastor.I so appreciate your speaking the truth in love and your passion for the Lord. I am with you, the Lord is for sure telling His children to look up. Also wanted to let you know that your blog has inspired my 9yr old grandson to have a blog dedicated to defending creation verses evolution. He is taking questions, and has felt for sometime that the Lord would use him to prove Darwin wrong. (at least that is what he has told us.) It is precious to see how the Lord is filling His little ones with His Holy Spirit. I pray that we are all open to be used in these days in whatever way He chooses to use us. Thanks again for your obedience to Him, and your love for His sheep. Debbie

mona said...

WOW! And Thanks for those words of comfort. Sometimes when we focus on current events of the world, we tend to forget we are not of this world. That we have our ticket to freedom. Those last words really brought me back to reality that I have my ticket. Thanks Pastor Jack, I will continue to pray for those who are lost. (always)